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71% Of People Do Not Feel Valued In Their Jobs

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"Go to school get a job and prepare for retirement." 

That is the lie I had been fed.
Millions of people are out of work, have taken pay cuts, or risking their health to provide essential services. There has never been a more obvious time where the phrase “Job Security” is an oxymoron. This pandemic will force all of us to adapt, be strong, and face adversity that we have never encountered in our lifetimes. The real question that stems from all of this chaos is, ‘How will you handle it?’

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I went from working LONG hours and giving my all, to being LAID OFF WITH NOTHING during the Dotcom bubble. I decided at that moment that I would not put my future in a company's hands and that I would seize the opportunity to own my future and generate my own success. I've never looked back. 
I no longer have to work a JOB where I'm told when to work when to take a vacation when I can be sick. I get to pour my ENERGY and PASSION into what I love instead.


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